Have you ever thought that the little details are the ones that count?

Do you know that keeping your staff informed on exercise and nutrition issues may increase their productivity up to 40%? This number, no matter how high it may look, has been evidenced by long-lasting university research carried out at US companies which provided their staff with the possibility to work-out or get informed on fitness issues.

Fitness awareness keeps stress away and gives you the strength and power to promote and achieve all the business goals set by the company.

People interested in fitness want to know which is the type of exercising and nutrition that best suits their needs, as well as any other information related to a healthy lifestyle.

Companies that give their staff such a chance, directly get a positive feedback as their employees easily understand that you truly care for improving their life.

Fitness Therapy Meeting by CP was created so that all working people get the chance to chat with me and get my advice on fitness and nutrition issues they worry about.

Fitness Therapy Meeting shows you a path to follow if you want to get away from stress, indolence and body and mind inertia.

Fitness Therapy Meeting is the tool to make your employees healthier, stronger, more efficient and creative, urging them to go with the hidden choices they didn’t know they had, just by looking working-out and fitness through a different prism.

Fitness Therapy Meeting is a “fitness impeller” emitting positive energy to employees, transfusing any information they may want to know on sports and fitness in general, encouraging them to release their secret powers, set them free and go beyond their limits!

So don’t hesitate at all!

Book your Fitness Therapy Meeting now and soon you will see the results for your Company!

Attend a course at Gymaginario facilities or at your company if available.