e-GYM is an innovative electronic gym so that everybody can REMOTELY enjoy Personal Training with me!

e-GYM offers especially designed and innovative working-out programs for total body and mind transformation.

e-GYM is for those who have no time to visit the gym or for non-gym types, or even for people who leave out of Athens or abroad. Now with e-GYM you can work out with me at your own place, enjoying the same beneficial results of working-out and the especially designed programs.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, whichever fitness method you have used before with no effects, just forget all about it!

Do not let unpleasant thoughts ruin your psychology, as you can make the first step along with me, to a brand new beginning for your total Body and Mind Transformation!

The only thing you need for e-GYM is a computer or a mobile phone, an internet connection, good vibes and the determination to work-out for radically changing your life!

In order to activate the service, you have to register in my website and fill in the information requested upon selecting e-GYM service.

Collecting some of your personal particulars is necessary so that we can evaluate and create the best suitable working-out and nutrition program for you, especially designed to serve your own needs and desires.

Next and upon paying your subscription fee, you will receive an email for your successful registration to e-GYM.

Within the following days you will receive an audiovisual working-out program, with accurate and exact guidelines for properly executing the exercises.

As to payment terms, you can pay by credit card, PAYPAL or a deposit to a designated bank account, by quoting your full name.

In addition to the fitness program, you will be able to contact me live or via email for any questions you may have as to the execution of the exercises or for being provided with any clarifications if required.

So pretty much my physical presence will be substituted and together we will reach the results you have been longing for.

No more excuses for skipping working-out!

I’m waiting for all of you at e-GYM!

30 Days Body & Mind Transformation by CP

How is this possible?
With 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation of course!!!

What is 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation program?
A program that can be followed by everyone, regardless of age, weight or physical status.

What can you achieve through this program?

  • Weight loss from 5 to 10 kilos
  • Decrease/ elimination of cellulite
  • Decrease/ elimination of flaccidity
  • Production of elastin for protecting your skin against stretchmarks
  • Boosting of your metabolism in order to avoid gain weight in the future
  • Perception of secret tips for unfailingly improve your body
  • Regaining of your lost self-confidence and mood, change in your way of thinking and improvement of your psychology

What does 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation include?

by Christina Paziou

Customized working-out program for men and women

Nutrition plan *

Analysis & assessment of your muscle system and your physical condition (Key Factors)

Secret tips for reaching your personal goals quickly and effectively

Live communication with me

Ongoing support and assistance provided via email

Assessment of weekly individual progress for each person separately

What is needed for starting 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation?
Good vibes, positive energy, willingness to love your body and give yourself the best gift of your life!

Are you ready to get started?
Just your PASSION and my knowledge, experience and love for FITNESS will do wonders!
No more time to lose, let us start!

(*)The nutrition program is a program especially designed personally by me and experienced scientists – clinical nutritionists, so that all of your personal particulars and the recommended fitness routine to be taken into account, fully using all contemporary scientific data and knowledge on nutrition and wellness.

Cost: 129€
You will receive an email with all details required for getting started.


  • You can start 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation after paying the program fees through credit card, deposit to bank account or Paypal.
  • The fitness program sent to each person will be fully individual, accompanied with audiovisual material (video) and clarifications based on your personal needs.
  • Fitness & nutrition programs will change based on the individual needs of each person separately.
  • Each person participating in the program will contact me via email for any needed clarification or information. I will promptly reply within 24 hours, should not technical or personal impediments occur.
  • If within such 30 days of 30 Days Body & Mind Transformation you don’t have the wanted effects, you will get a full refund of your money, given that you have strictly abided by the program.
  • 30 DAYS & MIND TRANSFORMATION BY CP is a copyrighted and legally protected program.