Yoga is an ancient wellness method that ensures health, harmony, prosperity, energy and activation of your inner self and deep consciousness.

The main objective of yoga is to unite body and mind so that we can accept all changes of our life in a calm and balanced way.

In terms of exercising, yoga is the most effective method for improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and body posture.
Yoga regulates nerve and hormone systems, it boosts blood circulation, increases vitality and mood and it develops intelligence, perception, memory and rationality.

Under the guidance of a well-experienced tutor, yoga is suitable for all.

Yoga is necessary for those suffering from stress, anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration, as well as for those in need of relaxation and rest.

Yoga can heel chronic diseases or, even better, it can prevent you from getting ill, as it works as a preventive method and can empower your immunity system.

Visit Fitloveit and get an amazing Yoga experience by participating in the sessions taught by one and only Antonis Fragkakis.

Antonis Fragkakis was first induced into ΑSHTANTRA VINASA by Cyndi Lee, founder of the famous OM YOGA. Later on, he furthered his training with multiple tutors, till he met Lyengar Yoga for which he is a certified tutor, trained by Penny Chaplin. He frequently visits India and has spent a lot of time with Chanchani and Usha Devi. He has attended seminars given by top tutors, such as Maria Apt, Olga Zvontsova, Eyal Shifroni and Bobby Clenel.

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  • 27 February 2018