Are you getting ready for a lifetime event or a special moment (marriage, birthday, christening, party, formal event, etc?) and you just want to nail it?
Are you stressed or in bad mood as a result of some extra weight or do you believe that these extra pounds are a con as the days for this lifetime event get closer?
Have you tried on some special outfits but you feel that you don’t look good as a result of your body?


7 Days Express Body Transformation by CP gives you the chance to impress both yourself and your friends with the results you will have achieved within just 7 days!

7 Days Express Body Transformation by CP is an especially designed fitness and nutrition program offering express transformation both to men and women, endlessly bombing your metabolism in order to lose weight from its very 1st day. At the same time and through specialized exercises, your body becomes tighter and your muscles get stronger.

The program is carried out with the ongoing guidance of Personal Training and is customized on the needs and particularities of each person separately.

The only thing you have to do is to be willing and determined, disciplined and loyal to your goal! Everything else is on me!

In 7 days, you will be amazed by the effects on your body!

Have you ever wondered how much money people spend in order to camouflage their look while getting ready for a big event and at the end they are left unsatisfied with the result?
Have you ever realized the amounts of money people spend on cosmetic services, for buying the right clothes or accessories, which have a limited lifetime and no permanent benefit?

If yes, 7 Days Express Body Transformation by CP is the most valuable and useful GIFT you can offer to yourself for a special and important moment of your life. Enjoy this unforgettable experience!

Cost of the entire program: 499 €
The program is performed through Personal Training.

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  • 23 February 2018