If you are tired of all such fruitless efforts for fat-free belly and hips, if you haven’t yet figured out how to eliminate your cellulite and skin flaccidity, if you want to wake up feeling powerful and energetic without spending too much money and time, then try the 50 Days Body & Mind Transformation program and you will soon enjoy the healthy, well-defined and strong body of your dreams!

50 Days Body & Mind Transformation is a globally innovative program designed after long research and true knowledge, aiming at inciting and opening new horizons to people who want to work-out, in terms of fitness and lifestyle, helping them materialize their goals!

50 Days Body & Mind Transformation can be followed by adult men and women, regardless of their body type or physical condition, who have never worked out before either due to their inner negative attitude or to people who have had enough with repeating monotonous and usual exercises or they have not seen the results they have struggled for, given the money and money they have spent.


  • Full-body transformation program applicable to all body types of men and women
  • Program personalization based on the scientific processing of specific key parameters
  • Ongoing monitoring of each person taking into account his/her needs
  • Free nutrition program and Fitness-Life Coaching
  • Simulation of the results that each person may achieve
  • Effects of mood, attitude and goal-setting (Mind Effects)
  • Secret tips for attaining and maintaining the desired result

50 Days Body & Mind Transformation is a unique program successfully implemented for more than 3 years, having changed the life of more than 1,000 persons!

You can meet, talk with and exchange life experiences with those persons whose life has radically changed, as most of them are active members of the gym and not imaginary friends!

50 Days Body & Mind Transformation is the only fitness program in Greece that guarantees 100% refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the achieved result!

50 Days Body & Mind Transformation Program includes:

  • 7 Personal Training courses of 1 hour each
  • 21 Group Training courses, in groups of 3-8 persons, of 1 hour each
  • 50 days of customized nutrition program
  • Secret tips for enjoying these results once and for all

Cost of the entire program: 249€

Courses are carried at Gymaginario, Kifisia.

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  • 23 February 2018